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Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Kunci Jawaban CCNA 1 Chapter 7 Discovery 4.0

Complete the following sentence: WEP is used to ______ , and EAP is used to _____ wireless networks.
    #encrypt; authenticate users on
What are three advantages of wireless over wired technology? (Choose three.)
    #anytime, anywhere connectivity
    #ease of adding additional devices

A technician has been asked to provide wireless connectivity to the wired Ethernet network of a building. Which three factors affect the number of access points needed? (Choose three.)
    #the size of the building
    #the number of solid interior walls in the building
    #the presence of microwave ovens in several offices
Which statement is true concerning wireless bridges?
    #connects two networks with a wireless link
Refer to the graphic. In the Wireless menu option of a Linksys integrated router, what does the Network Mode option Mixed mean?
    #The router supports 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n devices.
Why is IEEE 802.11 wireless technology able to transmit further distances than Bluetooth technology?
    #has higher power output
Which statement is true concerning an ad-hoc wireless network?
    #created by connecting wireless clients in a peer-to-peer network
What is the difference between using open authentication and pre-shared keys?
    #Pre-shared keys require an encrypted secret word. Open authentication does not require a secret word.
Which statement is true about open authentication when it is enabled on an access point?
    #requires no authentication
Which WLAN component is commonly referred to as an STA?
    #wireless client

Which two statements about a service set identifier (SSID) are true? (Choose two.)
    #tells a wireless device to which WLAN it belongs
    #all wireless devices on the same WLAN must have the same SSID
Why is security so important in wireless networks?
    #Wireless networks broadcast data over a medium that allows easy access.
What term describes the encoding of wireless data to prevent intercepted data from being read by a hacker?
What type of authentication do most access points use by default?
What are two authentication methods that an access point could use? (Choose two.)
    #pre-shared keys

What are two benefits of wireless networking over wired networking? (Choose two.)
    #reduced installation time

Refer to the graphic. In the Wireless menu of a Linksys integrated router, what configuration option allows the presence of the access point to be known to nearby clients?
    #SSID Broadcast

What are the two WEP key lengths? (Choose two.)
    #64 bit
    #128 bit

Which two statements characterize wireless network security? (Choose two.)
    #With SSID broadcast disabled, an attacker must know the SSID to connect.
    #Using the default IP address on an access point makes hacking easier.
What does the Wi-Fi logo indicate about a wireless device?
    #The device is interoperable with other devices of the same standard that also display the Wi-Fi logo.
What access-point feature allows a network administrator to define what type of data can enter the wireless network?
    #traffic filtering

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